Al-Haj Md. Rahim Uddin Bharosha

Al-Haj Rahim Uddin Bharosha Director

Al-Haj Md. Rahim Uddin Bharosha, an Ex-Member of Parliament was born in a respected Muslim family of Haragach, Kaunia thana of Rangpur District in 1934. He is the eldest son of late Moner Uddin Paiker and Mosammat Nabijan Nesa.

He has become a prominent businessman by dint of his merit, sincerity, honesty and hard work and succeeded in establishing RK and RV Group of Industries which include, among others, tobacco and biri manufacturing undertakings. He is the chairman of the R.V Cold Storage Ltd, Azizun Nessa Cold Storage Ltd, Vorosha Match Industries Ltd. and Vorosha Cold Storage Ltd.

A philanthropist and social worker, he contributed a lot in helping set up schools, colleges and charitable institutions in his home district Rangpur including Haragach Degree College, Nabijan Nesa Girls High School, Rahimuddin Bharosha College which played an important role in removing illiteracy and unemployment problems in the northern region of the country.