Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Peoples Insurance Company Ltd has been participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continuously since its inception in various ways. As for instance, the company has developed a unique culture to help distressed peoples, environment, heritage, sports, education, employment and much more. A few of the corporate social responsibilities are as follows:

  • After the natural disasters, we participate in various types of the activities for the reconstruction of the damaged infra-structures. Moreover, when the calamity is over, we try to take care of those who have lost their lives and their valued properties.
  • We are always in favor of protecting our tradition and heritage. For example, our company always sponsors not only the sports which are our own, for example, Kabadi, Bali Khela, Lathi Khela etc. but also our non-traditional sports like football and cricket.
  • Our company created a significant number of employment opportunities for the unemployment human resources since its inception. The effort for job creation will continue in future too.
  • The company has a plan to provide scholarships for the needy brilliant students who want to make a career in the fields of technology and digital sciences.
  • We have a plan to help the sick-aged people so that they do not consider themselves as a burden of our society.
  • Finally, the company focuses on the welfare of the employees so that they can have the necessary skills and opportunities to face the challenges.